Who hasn’t dreamt about soaking in a natural hot spring, in the middle of the wilderness, at the edge of a rushing glacial river? If you have (and why wouldn’t you) Halfway Hot Springs should be right at the top of your “must do” list.

 Hidden away in the middle of the Kootenays, this tiny (mostly) wild hot springs is the perfect spot if you’re looking for something off the beaten track. This incredible place is developed enough to be comfortable, i.e. the water in the pools isn’t scalding, but rugged enough that you’re still in the middle of the wilderness. It’s an easy day trip from both Nakusp and Revelstoke, and doesn’t require a long off-road drive or hike to reach it. Halfway River hot springs really checks all the boxes!

The drive to the hot springs definitely takes some effort. Combine that with the hike down 150+ stairs and you’ll feel like you’ve earned it. Like all good things though, having to work a bit harder for it makes the experience all the more rewarding in the end.

 Your first step into the pool confirms it was worth every step…and will be worth every wet step back up once you’re done! The heat of the water wraps around you as you sink into the pools with your toes buried in the sandy bottom. Tall trees tower overhead and the Halfway river rushes by not too far in the distance.

 This is exactly what a natural hot spring should be.